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How Digital Marketing Has Changed Once-Sought-After TV Ads


Years ago, the onset of the Digital Age prompted doomsayers to forecast the death of TV. In truth, television is not dead. It has expanded its channels, audiences, and content dramatically, and Americans still consume a lot of it. At the same time, advertising has evolved dramatically driven by the strength of digital media. Thus, TV ads today have been re-shaped by the Digital Age.

The Digital Age Has Changed Advertising

No longer is consumer marketing driven by TV ads, radio, and print. Rather, consumers are much more focused on their digital devices. Instead of one screen, viewing is now spread across many screens, devices, apps, and networks. We still like watching TV, but advertising has now shifted toward digital. The reasons are:

  • It is less expensive. Digital advertising has leveled the playing field. Little guys can better compete with the big guys outside of traditional TV ads. 
  • Digital methods better meet the needs of consumers who are “always-on” 24/7. 
  • Ads now appear in different ways—more social, more relevant, more personal, so they can’t be ignored so readily. 
  • Digital ads can be more targeted.  

The New Digital Advertising World

Advertising today uses multiple channels and often cross-promotional ways to capture and persuade target audiences. For example, TV ads might be linked-to, followed by or preceded by complimentary ads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Digital ads can be made quickly to respond to events on TV or in the public domain. Remember the prompt Oreo Twitter effort after the Super Bowl power outage? Often the new ads may look different from traditional TV ads and more like viral-inducing campaigns. They can be produced less-expensively and utilized more flexibly too. Maybe, even to get used to an instant opportunity.

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