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How to Create a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy


As far as marketing yourself on YouTube goes, there’s actually one thing in particular that you need to know, although it seems to be the most challenging. It has to do with volume and winning. In fact, if you were to ask any successful YouTuber, they tell you that they experienced an increase in their viewership after they began increasing their volume.

The kicker, however, is that you must publish high-quality useful content combined with consistency. However, it’s the consistency that people struggle with the most. Why? Mainly because it requires so much hard work in output. But there is an extreme amount of value when you publish consistent content. Why? Because you create a connection with your audience in that they anticipate you delivering ongoing quality content. 

When you implement consistent YouTube marketing strategies whereby you produce regular content for your audience, they know exactly when to expect it. In fact, they begin to make a habit of going to your channel on a regular basis to check for your most recent content. And this is what you want. The more times they visit your YouTube channel, the better.

There are some additional things you can do to significantly increase your YouTube marketing efforts. 


Before you begin flooding YouTube with content you should research your competitors and what kind of content they’re producing, then follow suit accordingly.

Segment Your Content   

Rather than aimlessly produce and release content, your YouTube marketing efforts can be more effective if you segment your content by taking one broad topic and finding various ways to segment it into smaller sections. For example, if your topic is about leasing office equipment, your content could consist of 

  • The pros and cons of leasing office equipment 
  • Leasing versus purchasing office equipment 
  • A review of the top 10 equipment leasing companies  

This approach makes it a lot easier to come up with more content by using a topic that’s already of interest to your audience and consistent with your overall YouTube marketing strategy.

Create Consistent Content   

To build a loyal audience you must be consistent. There’s no way around it.  You could start off by creating an introduction video, letting your audience know what kind of content to expect and how frequently. The key, however, is making sure you keep your word and follow through. This will help you to build credibility and trust.  

Finally, be sure to add subtitles to your videos and collaborate with other successful YouTubers who already have an established audience.

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