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The Way YouTube Has Changed Shopping


The way that consumers shop for goods is changing, across the globe. With the emergence of online retailers, sites, and venues, buyers can find whatever they seek from the comfort of their homes. Social media plays an important role in buying trends and purchasing decisions widely, including the popular sharing platform, YouTube. YouTube makes it possible to garner input from other shoppers, friends, and trusted sources before making purchasing decisions.

Some ways that this video content drives and inspires buying decisions include:

Brand Awareness

YouTube offers viewers and subscribers a range of product reviews, which can foster a sense of familiarity and exposure to a number of brands. Many consumers may find that they have a distinct preference- without ever having tried or compared products- simply from watching youtube videos and reviews online.

Virtual Inspiration

A popular type of video on youtube is a house tour, which includes a walk-through of another’s home environment. This serves to inspire many consumers to mimic styles or ideas, including buying featured products or goods. In a sense, it is a perfect example of the mere exposure effect: the more you are exposed to something, the fonder of it you will become.

Sense of Trust and Familiarity

Social media influencers are ‘friends’ on youtube that influence the buying decisions of the masses. In some instances, the masses equate to their own pool of subscribers and followers but be aware that many of these personalities have millions of views.

Instant Access and Advice

The Internet has definitely changed the way that consumers shop, allowing instant access to sites for pricing comparisons or purchasing advice at a moment’s notice. It is estimated that over the past two years, there is ten times more ‘shop-with-me‘ type content being published on sites like youtube. It is further reported that consumers are around three-times more apt to go to youtube for instructions, recommendations, or advice.

Make the most of YouTube- and other social media sites- with these tips and insights. Want to learn more about influencing your target audience through social media? Talk to the industry insiders at MLP Marketing Strategies to learn more.

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