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Trends in Video Marketing Going Toward “With Me” Videos

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There’s a new marketing trend on the horizon, and it is poised to burst into view. So-called “With Me” videos have taken the web by storm, and their popularity on the world’s biggest video-sharing site – YouTube, of course – is showing some serious metrics suggesting a near-term exponential increase. For you, this means it’s time to start finding ways to leverage “With Me” videos by incorporating them into your brand, by way of video marketing.

What, Exactly, Are “With Me” Videos?

These are videos of normal people doing everyday things; they serve as motivation for so many of us that do the same. One might wonder why such videos would be so attractive – but then you look at the numbers, and they show reports that 70% of people feel more motivated after watching a YouTube video from which they learn something.

The “With Me” videos can show someone cooking, cleaning, shopping, putting on makeup, exercise, etc. In just a year, such videos have shown double-digit and triple-digit growth in viewership around the world – with exercise “With Me” video marketing showing an amazing 20x growth in certain countries. There are even videos on seemingly innocuous activities such as shopping, studying and unboxing – but people are watching these in droves, and staying engaged throughout the videos.

How To Leverage “With Me” Videos

Of course, how you choose to make your own videos will be dependent on the product or service you’re offering. There is, however, a general truth: show people how your offering is different from the competition. Use an attractive person as the focal point in the video, on the same level as the product, itself. Have him or her make it as engaging as it is instructional, because people like to be able to relate, as they learn. The personal touch all of this (and more) adds to your video marketing campaign will create a network with an almost familial feel.

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